In homage to the matriarch of a family clan, Mª Victoria de Basarrate, Basque designer and creator settled down in Mérida in the years 50-70 where she managed a great Sewing Workshop, this signature emeritense has been created, BASARRATE.

BASARRATE was born in 2015 by the hand of its creator, the stylist Mª Victoria Álvarez Nogales, with the collaboration and support of her mother, as heirs of the mother line Basarrate, which sinks its roots in the Savoir faire of a sewing workshop.

From fashion styling, knowing the intricacies of the most exclusive brands, BASARRATE wants to reach a sector of the public tired of mass consumption and the reiterative images of the chains, as a different and accessible offer.

The BASARRATE essence comes from a concept of exclusive clothing at an affordable price. Part of basic patterns, generally two pieces, made with original quality fabrics and in an absolutely artisanal way. Exclusivity is the most remarkable value, because of each model there is only one set, running away from serial production.

The BASARRATE patterns adapt to all types of physiognomy and aesthetics, since they play with both the austerity of the most classic design and the originality of the creative avant-garde. They are very versatile sets, unisex, that can be combined in a very transversal way and accompany us in both singular events and day to day.

Carry a BASARRATE is synonymous with choosing the exclusive, breaking the rule of dressing all in series, the taste to define the personality through the image we project. BASARRATE is to opt for something different in the fashion scene, where all the options have a place as a mirror of the client.